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Vancouver, WA

Pastor Jim Cottrell started Freedom House Ministries in 2005 with his wife Geri. Freedom House Ministries is for adult men desiring freedom from addictions and life-controlling problems. It is a one-year commitment that is faith-based, live-in, highly structured and accountable environment. It is a discipleship training program that focuses on building a consistent Christian character and a strong work ethic. 

Those attending Freedom House Ministries learn the cause of their addictions from a Christian perspective.  Students are encouraged to turn to God as their hope for change.  Individuals are given the opportunity to establish and improve their relationship with God through private study and prayer, daily devotions, chapel services, and Biblical counseling. During their year of training, students also have opportunities to apply Biblical principles in work and daily routine.

When you contribute to Freedom House, you are helping more men to become free from addiction.

For more information on their program, you can visit their website.

If you would like to give to their ministry or sponsor a student, click the link and select Missions - Vancouver.

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