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Agniswar and Rebecca Paul are missionaries in India. Their ministry, Not Forgotten, is a ministry that fights to put an end to sexual slavery and sex trafficking in Asia's largest red light district in Kolkata, India as well as the slums. The ministries that they are currently involved in are worship and intercession, mentoring children, football (soccer) coaching, food distribution, and house visits. They also established the first house church in the red-light district.

In the slums they have started a kid's church and reopened a tailoring school to help provide jobs for the women in the area.

Agniswar and Rebecca are also talented artists and sell their paintings to help fund their ministry.

There are many ways to give to their ministry. This includes airfare for when they travel to the US to get funding, a christmas party they provide for the red-light district, food distribution during the pandemic, house payments, and children sponsorships.

Children sponsorships

There are many ways to sponsor a child. You can sponsor 15 slum children and 20 red-light district children for $8 a month or for a total of $280. This includes schooling but can cover costs for medical expenses and other needs. You can also send 5 children from the red-light district to school for $100 a year.


To help sponsor a child or to give to any other part of their ministry, click the link below and select Missions - India.

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