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See the codewords listed below to give to specific funds.


Make checks payable to SCC and mail to
11918 SE Division St #131 Portland OR 97266


We've made giving at SCC as easy as possible by using Online and Text Giving.


Online Giving is so much more than just online! Our giving tools provide the ability to donate on our website or with a quick text message.


You also have the option to cover any fees related to giving through your checking account or credit card. The church automatically will cover any fees.

To give to a specific fund, text the number '503-486-4886', enter the amount you want to give, followed by the fund codeword which are listed below:

General Giving - amount + GIVE

Building Fund - amount + BFUND         

Outreach - amount + OUTREACH

Missions - amount + MISSIONS


How to give to our different missionaries:


Jim Rogahn in Europe - amount + EUROPE

Freedom House in Vancouver, WA - amount + WA

Mel Mendoza in Africa - amount + AFRICA

Agniswar and Rebecca Paul in India - amount + INDIA

Kristen Rott with FCA - amount + FCA

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