Pastor's Steve and Annie Hunt

Steve and Annie Hunt were married in 1984 and in 1987 went to Rhema Bible Training College in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Graduating in 1989, they returned to Portland serving in various ministries of the church from prayer, local missions, evangelism, and children's, as well as serving as youth pastors for the next 12 years while raising their two daughters. In 2001 they became associate pastors serving in several areas from men’s and women’s ministry, outreach and people care to worship team. In 2005, God began to stir in their hearts to start a church and on January 8, 2006 Southeast Christian Center began in their home and has grown to where is it today. Their passions are people, God’s Word, His Spirit and worship, prayer, and missions. From ministries that reach people in all walks of life to church services that are filled with the Presence of God, it is their joy to minister and serve.

Pastor's Dion and Kristi Dodge

Dion and Kristi married in 1985, which was the same year they began attending Rhema Bible Training Center. They received certification in Bible, they have since both gone further and received their Masters in Biblical Studies. While raising their family, they have worked 15+ years in youth ministry, along with Children’s, young adults, men’s and women’s ministries. They have attended and led mission trips to Uganda, Thailand, Mexico and places within the United States. They have been and currently are Associate Pastors. Kristi is currently a full-time Kindergarten Teacher and Dion has owned his own cabinetry business since 1999. If they wanted you to know one thing about them: when they individually gave their lives to Jesus they were authentically and radically saved serving God ever since. 

Pastor's Mark and Kelli Bartholomew

As high school sweethearts, they attended Christ for the Nations institute in 1989 and then were Married in 1990. Since that time they have served together in the local church, raising two children and growing together as a family. Through the years, they have had the privilege of serving in almost every department in the church! Their motto: If you love Jesus, you love what He loves, THE CHURCH. They are grateful for the connection of ministry through God relationships and look forward to the years to come.